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Out of recognition for the unique and valuable talent women offer the workplace, a group of women from Manulife and John Hancock have come together to form the Global Women's Alliance (GWA). The GWA expands on the already existing work of grassroots Women's groups started in Boston, Portsmouth, Tokyo and Toronto. Top employers everywhere are acknowledging that greater diversity and gender balance, especially in leadership positions, can enhance organizational performance, improve business results, and lead to higher performing teams. At Manulife, this has translated into a culture that actively supports diversity groups like the GWA.

"The impact of GWA is already being felt and demonstrates the organization's commitment to diversity - particularly from a gender perspective. It is an employee-led initiative that has connected our employees in a new way and encouraged collaboration across the globe," says Lisa Ryan of Global Talent & Succession.

Share. Empower. Thrive.

Sentiments like these lie at the heart of the GWA, which is for all employees who support the attraction, development and advancement of women throughout the organization. Working to elevate the profile of women across the Company, this group inspires and enables each member to reach her full potential by offering resources for success. Local chapters across the Company meet regularly to mentor each other, share experiences and help each other design fulfilling career paths.

Executive sponsors include:

  • Gavin Robinson, EVP and GM in Japan
  • Michael Huddart, EVP and GM, Greater China in Hong Kong
  • Caroline Utomo, SVP and Chief Risk Officer in Indonesia
  • Andy Arnott, SVP, John Hancock Mutual Funds in Boston
  • Joanna Lohrenz, VP Canadian Division Contact Centres and Jennifer Mercanti, AVP and Chief Counsel in Kitchener-Waterloo/Oakville
  • Robert Tellier, Regional Vice President in Montreal
  • Janice Madon, EVP and CFO, Canadian Division will continue to support the Women@Manulife group in Toronto


Get Involved!

Women's Mentoring Programs - focusing on one to many format such as sharing session and focus group discussion.


Women's Network - several events to connect female employees across the company, such as dress for success workshop, health and beauty workshop, amongst others.


International Women's Day and Mother's Day as a celebration momentum for the women workforce through activities such as Women's leadership executives conference and sharing session showcasing prominent external speakers.


To discover more about the GWA and how you can be involved, join the GWA MFConnect community (Accessible by Manulife employees only).

Keep up-to-date about events taking place in your area and around the Company, and access professional development resources while leveraging the new connections you will make through the GWA.